Hanyoung Foreign Language High Schools OSP (Overseas Study Program), the first of its kind in Seoul, is a progressive program that empowers potential leaders of tomorrow to develop themselves through academic rigor and active community involvement. With this goal, the program emphasizes the following:

OSP works towards the development of Koreans with the ability to play a strong role in the international society of the twenty-first century.
OSP welcomes students with a variety of academic abilities and provides continuous encouragement and support to students and instructors alike.
OSP concentrates on developing outstanding leaders of tomorrow with high moral and ethical values as a base and works towards the establishment of a strong tradition in the program through these values.
In order to further develop on students already accomplished academic abilities and natural good disposition, OSP creates the best academic environment possible and continually renews and updates material.
OSP supports students to not only become leaders in their chosen field but in society at large.
In order to produce outstanding individuals, OSP instructors plan based on exploration of truth and promotion of wisdom, with a foundation in academic freedom.

Through continuous contact with leading post secondary and secondary institutes around the world, OSP is taking the lead in the globalization of Korean educatio