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   Hanyonug WHAF is a student club that strives to better the educational environment for students in need. It has been cooperating with World Hope Asia and Africa Foundation (WHAF) in a project called "Dreaming Library Made Together," which connects individual Korean schools with individual Cambodian schools so that Korean students can support their partner school through fundraising, campaigning, lobbying, etc. Since its founding in 2011 winter, Hanyoung WHAF has raised over $5700, collected over 300 English books, and visited its partner school to ensure a better learning environment in Krobei Real Secondary School, Cambodia. The Krobei Real Secondary School library was built using Hanyoung WHAFโ€™s fundraising and support and opened on January 29th, 2013. After the library was built, Hanyoung WHAF members are raising funds in order to monitor if the library is properly utilized and communicating with its partner school to find what the students most need for a quality education and support them.


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. Founder:         MinJoo Lee (OSP11th)

  President : MinJoo Lee (OSP11th)

Ellen Kwon (OSP12th)

Vice President :

Jinny Hyun (OSP11th)

Sam Choi (OSP12th)